*DISCLAIMER* I know I sound crazy in these but I promise I'm pretty normal on the outside or when I'm with other people. You'd be surprised how many people are like me but just don't show it. Now back to the topic of music. So, I was introduced to proper music a few months ago, and when I say proper music, I mean the music that don't get onto the top 50 playlist, and where the lyrics actually mean something to the singers, not just picking random words that rhyme with the first one. I like alternative music, some people call it emo music, some people call it rock music, whatever you want to call it, it's what I like. I think I like bands more then single artists, bands like Fall Out Boy, twenty one pilots, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, All Time Low, and Troye Sivan. I'm actually going to a Fall Out Boy concert in March next year, and I can't wait. I've only been to a few other concerts before, but not an actual rock concert. Like I will say in my topic about Youtube, I would say I'm a fangirl over these bands. My fellow fangirl friends have actually started calling each other the names of members of a band. They call me Tyler, I call one of them Josh and the other one Jenna. It's from the band twenty one pilots, the band members are Tyler and Josh, and Tyler's wife is Jenna. Again, like I will say in the next topic, I ship Tyler and Josh. The ship name is actually called 'Joshler'.

My Chemical Romance's Website . Twenty One Pilots's Website . Fall Out Boy's Website . All Time Low's Website . Panic! at the Disco's Website .


It's a common misconception that when people call themselves 'trash', it's an insult. This could not be more wrong. 'Trash', in the normal language, means 'Rubbish', and is generally not a nice thing to call someone. However in the YouTube language, 'Trash' just means you are so far gone in your fandom that you've just been reduced to a sad pile of tears and trash. In a good way. I'm in a fandom. To be more accurate, I'm in the phandom. You'd only get that if you were also in the phandom, but just for this occasion, I will define it. Phan is a ship between two YouTubers, Dan and Phil. If you want me to explain what a 'ship' is, just google it. If I had a dollar for every time my parents asked me what a ship was, I would have exactly $4. And having to explain the concept of shipping more then once is too many.

So, I'm definately a fangirl. Being a fangirl does not mean we are just a fan. Being a fangirl is a full-time job that takes up most of our time and prevents us from getting any work done. Most of my internet vocabluary involves typing in all-caps, overexaggerating and collapsing onto the floor and foaming at the mouth. As bad at it sounds, it's actually so fun.

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So, I was born in Tokyo, Japan. We didn't live there for long and we moved to Singapore pretty early on, where I went to a Montosauri pre-school. My nanny often visited the school and read the kids books. I remember playing in the sandpit, that always smelled slightly of pee. I met a girl called Lauren and we still talk sometimes. She still lives in Singapore and she comes over to New Zealand every now and then.

I moved to Sydney in 2009 and started Kindergarten that year at Warrawee Public School, graduated that in 2015, and started high school at Turramurra High School. Then I left there 6 months later to move to New Zealand and came here. Thats pretty much my life story. But this panel is about travel, not my life story, so let's get onto that.

I wounldn't say I travel much. I've been to Korea once or twice and I've been back to Singapore and Sydney a handful of times but that's pretty much it. I go down to Rotorua once a year and since my Grandpa had a stroke we have been going down every school holidays.

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